Hay Moisture Management in Nebraska

Properly baling and treating hay is critical. If not handled appropriately, moisture, pestilence, exposure and more can all ruin hay harvest and detract significantly from your total yield. The smart approach is to develop and deploy a plan for harvest management in Nebraska.

Spring Creek AG Products Inc. is ready to assist you in the development of a hay moisture management plan and can provide the insight and products necessary for your unique baling process or climate.

Hay Moisture Management Systems

Moisture is the number one detractor of hay. Unless brought down to 18% real moisture or lower, hay risks being contaminated by mold. The problem is that as a standing crop, hay is generally 70-80% moisture! How do you lower it to the proper levels to ensure it’s baled and stored correctly?

The best approach is through hay moisture management in Nebraska. Through moisture testing, agricultural operators can test hay moisture content in real-time to determine when the optimal bailing opportunity is (between 18-28% humidity). Through careful calculation, farmers can reduce total harvest and baling hours and maximize the safe preparation of hay bales.
Once cut at the right moisture level, hay can be treated with proper preservative products to inhibit mold growth and cure it for better resilience.

Microbial and Buffered Propionic Acid

We stock microbial and buffered propionic acid preservative products, giving you the best opportunity to treat your hay. These products are non-corrosive and safe for livestock. They’ll generally take bales moisture down to the proper levels for storage.

Manage Your Hay

Looking for more insight on how to properly reduce moisture content in your hay and protect it from mold and other detractors? Reach out to our team today at 402-365-7673 to discuss the management process and preservative products. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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